Drug and Alcohol Rehab at Private Facilities in Melbourne

Qualified. Authentic. Experienced. Compassionate.

Feeling hopeless and desperate? So were we until we found a community that cared for us. Windsor House Private (WHP) seeks to empower clients to live with freedom from substance use dependance, substance misuse and gambling.

Patient admission for treatment at our safe and private rehab centre in Melbourne

Our therapeutic community, capped at 12 residents and supported by our team, creates a caring and nurturing space in which clients commonly establish self-awareness of behaviours that can build capacity to lead lives that are safe and content.

We want you to be free from the negative relational, social, psychological and physical consequences of substance dependence and other maladaptive behaviours . Our well-appointed facility includes group and individual therapy rooms, common areas for dining and relaxation, and beautiful, big, well appointed bedrooms in our renovated art deco space. Client privacy and safety is paramount, and is at the heart of all that we do.

What kind of rehab does Windsor House Private offer?

We care for clients that have completed their initial acute detoxification from alcohol and drugs and are looking to engage in treatment in a safe and compassionate environment. 

A complete outline of our drug and alcohol rehab program can be found here.


How much does alcohol and drug rehab cost?

We believe in transparency and honesty in all aspects of our patient care. This includes our charges for different rehab programs at Windsor House Private. Patients can expect the cost for rehab to start from $13,990 inclusive of GST for our 28-day program. We also offer 56-day and 90-day programs.

Full rehab program costs can be found here, including our refund policy information regarding the use of super under the Compassionate Release of Super Program.

Hear from our rehab patients

“My life had unravelled to the point where I thought it could end. The team are professional, experienced and very kind. Today, I’m the son, brother, friend, uncle, workmate and man I want to be. I contribute my life and healthy relationships with myself and others to my treatment.”

Drug and alcohol patients can be assured of complete privacy and confidentiality at Windsor House Private. Where given, we do have patient testimonials that prospective patients can read here. We have many different patients, from executives with alcohol abuse problems to parents who have helped their child seek drug rehab.

Qualified rehab staff

We are here to help you and our highly qualified team share years of experience. You can read about our team members here and better understand who we are and why we will respect and help you on your rehab journey.

Further questions about rehab

There are many different questions people – both substance abuse users and those who are concerned for a loved one – have about alcohol and drug rehab. We are open and honest and are here to help you understand every aspect of how our rehab works.

We have a list of frequently asked questions about rehab that may answer questions you have. If there is anything else you’d like to know, we would love to talk further and you can contact us now.

(03) 9376 6898