Testimonials from our clients

We are here to help you. These are some of the testimonials our clients have left us.

I have worked with Rich for 12 months, both in one on one and group settings. His clinical knowledge and experience-based empathy have been the single biggest contributor to my on-going recovery and rediscovering a fulfilling life, free from the damage of my addictions. He has provided me with a design for living that I can rely on throughout all of life’s trials and tribulations. I am extremely fortunate to have happened upon a brilliant counsellor who I unreservedly recommend to anyone struggling to cope."

Jim S, 52

Financier and business owner

I was fortunate enough to be treated by Paul and Richard. My life had unravelled to the point where I thought it could end. The team are professional, experienced and very kind. Today, I'm the son, brother, friend, uncle, workmate and man I want to be. I contribute my life and healthy relationships with myself and others to my treatment."

Andrew S, 33


I had been struggling to maintain my sobriety for years. I would get a month or two up here and there but that’s it. I started working with a new counsellor, Paul, who helped me to see the barriers to my recovery. I had been numbing my feelings by using substances for as long as I could remember. Paul helped me to recognise what was behind those triggers as we unpacked early life traumas and other experiences and the patterns I continued to follow in my life, which always lead me to pick up a substance. Today, I am substance free. When I face challenges where the discomfort previously would have meant picking up a substance, I have been given the tools to handle myself very differently. I am so grateful to have worked with Paul. I live my very full and peaceful life now, knowing I do not have to numb my feelings as I have to tools to get on with it. And be happy about it."

Polly P, 45

Healthcare Worker