How much does drug & alcohol rehab cost?

Drug, Alcohol & Gambling Residential Rehabilitation Prices at WHP


Rehab Program Costs:

28-day Program Fee: $13,990 (inclusive of GST)

56-day Program Fee  $27,980 (inclusive of GST)

90-day Program Fee: $36,000 (inclusive of GST) – only if paid in advance

Transitional Program

After a client has completed 90 days of treatment with WHP and is approved by the clinical team, they may be able to move into our transitional program at $8800 (inclusive of GST)

Refund Policy

If payment is made and you leave the program early, we will return the unused portion of your payment minus a $1000 early exit fee. There is a minimum two week fee.

For example: If you pay for a 12 week program but only stay for 7 weeks, you will only be charged for 7 weeks plus an early exit fee of $1000.

*Program fees are subject to change without prior notification.  All meals, counselling for individuals, group therapy, transportation to appointments, access to WHPs on-going ‘Aftercare Program’, all activities including yoga, gym attendance and outings. Can you use superannuation to pay for rehab?

Yes, you can release super to help pay for rehab and mental health treatment. You are able to withdraw money from your super under the Compassionate Release of Super Program. The program is administered by the Australian Tax Office and allows superannuation holders to release money from super under Mental Health grounds.