How our rehab program works


Qualified, Experienced, Authentic and Compassionate Team

At every stage of the program, you will be guided by, learn from and be counselled by our team of highly qualified and experienced clinicians.

Individual Psychotherapy and Counselling 

Clients will be allocated an experienced, qualified member of our counselling team which you will see on a frequent basis. Meet our team here

Group Therapy

Group therapy provides clients with the opportunity to identify elements of their behaviour that may be maladaptive and to learn new ways of communicating with others, regulating distress, and letting go of negative core beliefs. Our qualified and experienced clinicians run these groups.

Case Management 

Case conceptualisations and treatment plans are worked on in unison with case management for the best possible client outcomes. We work with third parties such as your legal team or existing case managers. We have years of experience working with forensic and mandated clients.

Aftercare Program 

This free and perpetual support allows clients a safe clinical space to continue with their connection to and journey with WHP and their recovery.

Psychoeducation Groups 


WHP psychoeducation groups focus on:

  • emotional regulation
  • boundaries
  • conflict resolution
  • effective communication
  • relapse prevention
  • distress tolerance
  • mindfulness and neuroplasticity

Peer Support 

The Victorian Royal Commission into mental health found that peer support is one of the most effective and impactful elements of recovery. WHP supports 12 step recovery, and our community works together to support each other, helping to relieve you of the stigma you may feel associated with your substance use.

Family Support 

We work with your family members, loved ones and friends to ensure that there is a cohesive approach to your recovery. We help you and others in your life to set healthy and effective boundaries for communication and engagement.

Qigong and Yoga

Each week, clients will engage in yoga or qigong (exercise to optimise energy within the mind, body and spirit, with the goal of improving and maintaining health and wellbeing).


An experienced personal trainer will help guide you to discover, or continue with, a consistent and targeted exercise regime.

Drug Screening and Alcohol Testing

You will be randomly drug and breath tested throughout the duration of your program stay